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Top 50 Sheffield Artists and Their Featured Work

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We asked...

What's your favourite thing about being a Sheffield artist?

Adam Pearce - Sheffield artist
I've lived in Sheffield all my life, but for a brief stint at uni, and I've always adored the great amount of greenery and the rolling hills of this place. the verticality of it means there's always something to look at, and the proud Yorkshire culture throughout feels vibrant and ambitious yet down to earth. It's always inspiring.
James Hillier -
Sheffield artist
I love the community of Sheffield just as much as the hills and valleys, I love being able to get out of the city so easily to wonderful landscapes but still be in reach of the thriving cultural centre.
Debra D
Without a shadow of doubt, it's the very fact that Sheffield people are proud of their city!
Christopher C -
Sheffield artist
Sheffield is a bright and creative city, everywhere you look you can see something wonderful - it is a hub for artists.
Karina Ho -
Sheffield artist
It is a creative city packed with wonderful people and architecture with the peak district right on the doorstep. Inspiration all around!
We asked...

What's your favourite thing about being a Leeds artist?

Kirsty Whyatt - Leeds artist
The inspiration is overwhelming, urban night scenes are on your doorstep, gritty inner city canals lit up with sodium glow contrasting with the neon lights wrapped around Bridgewater Place. The Atkinson Grimshaws in Leeds Art Gallery are a constant influence, as well as the BT box graffiti. All this, and to be surrounded by the Yorkshire Dales and Pennine Hills. As a painter you don't have to travel far for a life times work.

Sascha -
Leeds artist
Leeds is a city of both family cosiness and fresh-thinking independent businesses. It combines the best of city life and proximity to nature. Sascha LOVES her favourite spots amongst local makers and sellers (ie doughnuts, coffee, organic farmers). Leeds certainly offers a sense of community and personal fulfilment.
Charlotte Hall -
Leeds artist
I've been lucky enough to spend my childhood in the beautiful surroundings Leeds has to offer; with beauty spots such as Otley Chevin on our doorstep. The interesting shapes, unique textures and vivid pops of colour in nature have long inspired my work.

Christ Eastham -
Leeds artist
I’m very proud to be a native of Leeds and to have started my art career in the city centre at the wonderful, Leeds College of Art then known as ‘Jacob Kramer’ College. At the end of last year 2020 I was delighted to obtain a studio back in the heart of Leeds City Centre. This year I am hoping to collaborate on some work with my artistic neighbours at the fabulous ‘Northern ballet Company’