The Middle

Jade Connolly

"Twas on a Starry Night"

Van Gogh X The Art Post

8 Limited Edition Greetings Cards


This work deals with the dynamics of interior space and I am interested in the passages, rooms, and transitional spaces within the inhabited home. My latest series depicts rooms and passageways from my childhood home, reflecting the conflicting feelings of calmness and anxiety resulting from different lived experiences. The relationship between the artist and subject is vital and the role of the viewer has become central to my work, they become a witness, an observer. The lack of details invites the spectator to complete the image by speculating on past and impending events. I infuse my paintings of desolate interiors with a cinematic aspect and an appreciation of light and shade which contributes to a significant sense of isolation. I am constantly developing my work looking at different ways to apply paint onto the canvas. In some paintings the paint has been applied thinly and translucently giving them a dream like feel, and in others the paint is applied thickly to the surface to create lines and texture creating a more dramatic and cinematic feel. I am continuing to play with the application of paint and this is something that I find incredibly interesting.

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