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Welcome to The Art Post, the art subscription startup getting folks talkin'!
The Art Post

So, who are ya?

We are friends, artists and curators from across the North, all with a shared appreciation for the wonderful art on our doorsteps. 

We curate local art for the UK's only art subscription box, The Art Post. The premise is simple, depending on which edition you choose, you'll receive a wax-sealed pack of postcards every month or three months from local artists. Check out our Sheffield edition, or North edition.

We have over 100 inspiring artists on board already - we can't bloomin' wait for you to see their new work. We've even set up Sheffield's Littlest Art Gallery in Endcliffe Park, and we have just launched The Art Totes - iconic art with a local twist showcased on cotton canvas tote bags.

We're only a very tiny initiative, but we hope to spread lots of joy around the world with The Art Post - our art postcards have travelled as far as Hong Kong and Melbourne, Australia.

This is Rach, with Lenny, our Chief Post Officer - pictured in the wonderful Picture House Social.
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Rachael from The Art Post

The Art Post is a little package of art discovery.

Open one beautiful wax-sealed Post with high quality postcards showcasing up and coming artists. We started in Sheffield, but after requests from across the world, we've decided to start curating art for a global edition of The Art Post.

Go to our Sheffield edition, or UK edition.

Art friends
Discover new art from local artists through the art subscription box, share with your family and friends
Art frame
Display your Art Post, or create a coffee table gallery for oodles of art enjoyment for all
Art lover
Collect the postcard prints, for endless joy for years to come!
Art totes
Limited edition

The Art Totes

We're celebrating art from across the eras with our limited edition Art Tote bags. 4 totes each year, each with an iconic masterpiece with a local twist, by a local artist.
Past editions of The Art Post

Miniature masterpieces, one fabulous art subscription

Here are three months of The Art Post joy, showcased across the seven hills. Why not have a gander of the art featured on our past editions.
February's Art Post
From left to right in Endcliffe Park: "Horse Power" by Dave Akehurst, "A Very Bloomsbury Sort of Day" by Kerry Louise Bennett" and "Alfred Beckett and Sons Bridge" by Mark Pendlebury.
March's Art Post
From left to right; 'Lunch on Mam Tor' by Grifff, 'We Were Never Derelict', a poem inspired by Park Hill by Otis Mensah, 'Nuthatch' by Jess Rollitt and 'Clear Water' by Paul Freeman.

Joy delivered.

The Art Post is just £4.50 a month, making it one of the cheapest, and loveliest, subscriptions there is.