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1. Subscribe for £4.50 a month

Sign up to The Art Post and open up a whole new world of art discovery, curated lovingly every month. You'll get miniature postcard prints with art from a mix of mediums - with artists from a range of backgrounds.

2. Receive three postcards showcasing local art

The following month, you'll get three new art postcards in the post, designed by up and coming artists, along with our Meet the Artist card and we'll surprise you some months with a poem by a local writer!

3. Admire local art,
send or display

You can collect them, save them for birthdays, to say thank you, display them like interchangeable Sheffield wall art, or get a little coffee table gallery going. 10% of profts goes to the incredible charity Rethink Mental Illness.

Get a FREE early-adopter pin badge


Be one of the first to sign up to The Art Post and recieve a free early adopter pin badge [limited remaining]


"You never realised you needed it, but you're bloody glad you found it."
Sal, Teacher, Meersbrook
"I save the postcards up and send them as birthday cards for my friends and work mates, and I've found an fab piece of local original art for my dining room."
Max, Nurse, Nether Green

Sheffield masterpieces on postcards to your door

The premise is simple. Every month, we'll send you three different postcards, showcasing  works of art by artists, illustrators and designers from in and around Sheffield. You'll get to know some awesome local talent and be the first to see original pieces. Send them, collect them, or even display your postcards as a little coffee table gallery.

From Meersbrook and Heeley, to Nether Edge and Ecclesall, Dronfield and Penistone, we're showcasing incredible local artists who work across water-colour, acrylic, digital illustration and much more.

We've been working on some lovely packaging, and will have some lovely surprises in each postcard pack every couple of months. We're pretty sure you're going to love being a part of the club - what's more, it's only £4.50 a month and you can cancel at any time.

10% of profits go straight to a charity very close to our hearts: Rethink Mental Illness. Their vision is for equality, rights, the fair treatment and maximum quality of life for all those affected by severe mental illness, their carers, family and friends.


If you are an artist and would like to be featured on The Art Post, please fill out this form and we will get back to you ASAP. Please send a link to your portfolio - or social media account if you have one, or send examples of your work to
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How does payment work?
For ongoing subscriptions, payment is automatically taken from your nominated account every month from the date you subscribed, you'll receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. You can cancel at any time by contacting us at

When are postcards sent?
Your first three postcards will be dispatched in the first week of the next month, and at the same time every month after that.

How does postcard selection work?
One of the awesome things about The Art Post is that each postcard delivery is a surprise - you'll not know which art will be showcased each month, so when you open the packaging, you'll experience even more Sheffield delight. At Christmas, we will have some fabulous festive options you'll be able to choose from too.

Are there going to be different artists every month?
We have many artists who are now a part of The Art Post to spread the word about their incredible original pieces of art, or Sheffield prints. We will feature artists multiple time, but you'll never receive the same mini masterpiece more than once. There will be signposting to the art every month so you can buy pieces for your home, or as gifts from the artists themselves.

Can I buy the art that is featured on the postcards?
Of course! We send a Meet the Artists card with each delivery, so you can get in touch with the artists if you want to buy any of their work.

What kind of enterprise is The Art Post
We work like a letterbox art gallery. We are not a non-for-profit, but we will donate 10% of our profits to the incredible charity Rethink Mental Illness - they are a truly amazing organisation, supporting those impacted by serious mental illnesses and helping to fight taboo around illnesses, including schizoaffective disorder and schizophrenia.

I am an artist, how can I get my work showcased?
Simply fill out the form below! We have quite a large backlog at the moment, so it may take up to a week for us to get back to you.

I'm looking for more Sheffield art, where can I go?
Join the Sheffield Indpendent Art Showcase on Facebook, this wonderful group featuresSheffield Art and Sheffield Prints!


If you love the idea of receiving three pieces of local art from your nearest city to your door every month - help us know where to come next and pre-register for The Art Post in your city. If we get more than 100 pre registrations, we will launch a trial in your city and you will be one of the first to receive it.

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