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We’re a community of art curators, showcasing emerging and up and coming artists, and their iconic work

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The Art Post Subscription

The Art Post postcard subscription launched this year: an art-postcard subscription that has taken the UK and US by storm.

The premise is simple, you receive postcard prints throughout the year, showcasing mini masterpieces from emerging artists - and you can cancel any time.

We started in Sheffield, and have a dedicated monthly subscription, and we now have a quarterly emerging artists edition - showcasing some of the most exciting up and coming talent. If you're based in the UK, learn more here. Or if you would like to become an early adopter and you're from Canada visit here, or the US, visit here.

Our Philosophy

Our conviction in the power of art is unwavering - it has the potential to take you beyond your personal limits and provoke profound thoughts and emotions like few other things can.

Our efforts are focused on increasing the accessibility of art, enabling millions more people to discover and acquire works from exceptional artists while maintaining the standard of excellence and emotional depth that make art such a transformative experience.

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Drop us a message at rach@theartpost.co.uk if you'd like to get in touch. It may take us a few days to get back to you, thank you for your patience.

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