About The Art Post

We’re a community of Northern art curators, showcasing and celebrating art and design across the the North of England.

The Art Post is a platform celebrating original Northern art, and the artists our our doorstep. We began launching initiatives this year to propel the voices and work of artists across Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester and beyond.

The Art Post postcard subscription launched this year - it is an art-postcard subscription that has taken Sheffield by storm. The premise is simple, every month you receive three postcards a month showcasing mini masterpieces from local artists for just £4.50 a month with a proportion of profits going to Rethink Mental Illness in 2021.

This year we're going to be celebrating art and design across independent retail and hospitality through the Northern Indie Design Awards. With multiple categories and a host of wonderful artists on the judging panel, the online awards will be a great way to give recognition to art in every day settings.

We launched The Art Post interview and Doodle duo in late December: an interview and doodle duo where we ask local artists 11 questions, and to "do us a doodle" - and the result has been magnificent. The interviews provide an insight into the creative processes of talented creatives, inspiration, and distinct nuances that effortlessly weaves personality into their visuals. Bare with us, as we have a new website, so will be uploading these over the next few weeks.

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