Kieran Flynn

Spray Paint, Acrylic
This artist is open to commissions.
Kieran is an abstract painter based in Sheffield. He predominantly uses spray paint, stencils, sandpaper and a wallpaper scraper loaded with runny paint to create imagined cityscapes and landscapes. His cityscapes seek to deconstruct what a city is; energy, bright lights, social and material decay. His landscapes are designed to be quiet and calming. Whereas most stencil artists decide what they want to paint and design the stencil accordingly, when creating his compositions Kieran works the other way around. He has a large collection of simple stencils of different shapes, sizes and patterns and uses these same stencils to build different compositions. The placement of one shape informs the placement of the next. Parts of the composition are sanded back and thin layers of paint are applied over the top. This gives sections of the composition a faded and worn feel. Thicker paint and super crisp edges are used elsewhere to create contrasts of texture and colour.
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Kieran Flynn
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Kieran Flynn

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