Joe Winstanley

May 12, 2021

Escarpment (Stanage Edge) by Joe Winstanley

Paper Sculpture

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Stanage Edge is my muse. It's watched me grow up and it's been my playground. For many years I took Stanage Edge for granted living in Hathersage (the village that sits below) - it's only until I left it for a while and came back to it did I fully appreciate the sheer beauty of it. This gritstone escarpment is my base - it's where I return to, to feel more connected and grounded with my natural home.This particular print was created using packaging from another print company and the outcome was decided by my Instagram following. I asked them a series of quesitons throughout the week and their answers determined how the print would end up - this was a great way of getting people to be more conscious of how a Skai print is created and in turn, how nature does all of the design work.

Joe Winstanley is an artist who created Skai - a print company inspired by nature and what it can do for the mind.Joe creates miniature, folded paper worlds inspired by the Peak District, his home. The result is a mindful process of reconnecting with nature by recreating nature. Skai exists in a miniature world because this is where the little things in nature can be appreciated and an understanding of the ‘bigger picture’ can be achieved.After dropping out of university back in 2017/18, Joe has been finding his way back after a spell of depression and anxiety - Skai is a product of what he has learnt along the way about himself and the world that surrounds him. These creations are here to help both Joe and you find a bit of calm and gratitude in the everyday.For every sale, £1 goes to OneTreePlanted and £1 goes to Papyrus UK. Skai aims to help support two things that remain at its core - nature and mental health.

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