Stu McGuire

Digital, Acrylic
This artist is open to commissions.
I am an illustrator currently residing in Sheffield having previously lived in Manchester and Newcastle. I rediscovered my love of creating art during lockdown and I specialise in creating illustrated portraiture. The inspiration for my portraits reflects the musical journey of my life and each portrait relates to a past memory with a musical connection. I returned to art by exploring digital illustration as my impatience as an artist requires quick results. I have produced commissions alongside developing a collection of portrait illustrations in my own unique style. These capture the character of the musician through playing around with the proportion and positioning of key facial features. Creating the imperfect portrait brings me great joy when thinking about the ‘god like’ status in which some musicians can be held. As I have got more and more back into art it has allowed me to start to explore different media and produce larger acrylic works as well as working on a clothing collaboration with ‘A Twist In The Fabric’. I have produced illustrations for them around themes of ‘The 27 Club’ and reimagining classic art pieces in my own illustration style.
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Stu McGuire
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Stu McGuire

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