Vicky Scott

April 7, 2021

Botanical Gardens by Vicky Scott


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This is a detail of my design is based on the beautiful Botanical Gardens and features a whole host of locals enjoying the beautiful surroundings and exotic flowers in some fine Yorkshire sunshine! As you might notice there is a slight twist to this illustration as the main greenhouse has been transformed into an exotic teapot. Like much of my artwork, I created the original piece for this design as a collage using a mixture of shop bought and hand painted pieces of paper. First I sketch out my design in pencil and work out a quick colour mock up in Photoshop. I then trace the pencil sketch onto tracing paper, flip it over and trace the different elements out onto paper. I then cut out each piece with a scalpel and assemble by hand before finally scanning into Photoshop and tweaking a little bit.
This is one of a series of illustrations I've created turning some of my favourite places in Sheffield into teapots. It came about partly for fun, but also partly to help me explore and get to know my new home city. As someone who grew up with trips to Kew Gardens and the parks in London, the Botanical Gardens instantly makes me feel relaxed and at home, which I hope comes across in this design.

I’m a freelance Illustrator and collage artist originally from London, now living in Sheffield. I’ve worked on a diverse range of projects from my first commission for Paperchase, an album cover for Stereovenus (featuring singer Rumer),Cheltenham Festivals and Microsoft to name a few I’m particularly proud of.

My style is graphic, colourful, nostalgic and quirky, often characterized by including animals, hidden details and a narrative element. I find inspiration almost anywhere; from the natural world and my urban surroundings, to stylish Art Deco architecture, psychedelic posters of the 60's and the wallpapers of William Morris. My illustrations are created using a variety of techniques including drawing, paper collage, paint and Photoshop, whilst maintaining the same eye catching and uplifting feel.  

You can purchase my designs as prints, greeting cards and other gifts as well as bespoke illustrations and originals on request.

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