Rachel Stratton

April 7, 2021

Coastal Sunset by Rachel Stratton

Acrylic on Canvas

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This acrylic seascape captures the coastline in the early stages of sunset. It is inspired by my many trips to Cornwall where a lot of my family live. I especially like the subtle hints of pink in the rocks and cliffs that give the sense of the water reflecting the warm sky and the spray of white paint that gives the sense of crashing waves against the rocks. I purposely adopted a really bright and bold colour palette for this piece to keep it fun and vibrant. This piece, along with 4 other paintings done by myself, are available on the website artxblm.com in various sizes where 100% of the profits for each print is split between multiple anti-racism charities. You can also follow the organisation on Instagram @artxblm.

I have lived in Sheffield for four years whilst being a student at the University of Sheffield. I am currently studying for a masters degree in Science Communication, but have always had a passion for art, and completed an Art Foundation Diploma prior to university. During lockdown, I started to use art more frequently as a creative release alongside my studies, rediscovering my art social media account from my Art Foundation days. I found myself painting a lot outside in the sun and enjoyed sharing what I’d done online so I’ve continued with it ever since and it’s just grown from there.

I really enjoy creating landscapes, particularly of places that mean a lot to me or I frequently visit. More recently I have also got in to creating digital designs as well as biro drawn studies of people and having been getting quite a few commissions along the way which has been really heart-warming and a productive way to spend my time when I’m not doing university work.

I have plans in the near future to do some more Sheffield landscapes so you can follow me online if you’d be interested in seeing more of that!

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