Rachel Stratton

Acrylic, Oil
This artist is open to commissions.
I have lived in Sheffield for four years whilst being a student at the University of Sheffield. I am currently studying for a masters degree in Science Communication, but have always had a passion for art, and completed an Art Foundation Diploma prior to university. During lockdown, I started to use art more frequently as a creative release alongside my studies, rediscovering my art social media account from my Art Foundation days. I found myself painting a lot outside in the sun and enjoyed sharing what I’d done online so I’ve continued with it ever since and it’s just grown from there. I really enjoy creating landscapes, particularly of places that mean a lot to me or I frequently visit. More recently I have also got in to creating digital designs as well as biro drawn studies of people and having been getting quite a few commissions along the way which has been really heart-warming and a productive way to spend my time when I’m not doing university work. I have plans in the near future to do some more Sheffield landscapes so you can follow me online if you’d be interested in seeing more of that!
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Rachel Stratton
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Rachel Stratton

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