Martin Davis

Acrylic, Oil
This artist is open to commissions.
Martin Davis is an ex-fire fighter turned artist. After university he spent more than 30 years in the fire and rescue service, during which time he found painting was a perfect antidote to the stresses of his operational working life. He committed himself fully to his art in 2008 after retirement and has spent the last 13 years finding his distinctive artistic voice. Martin is, by admission, an instinctive artist. Almost wholly self-trained, his only formal qualification is an ArtGCE “O” level from his schooldays. Even so his artwork is bought by private collectors around the world and he has secured gallery space through-out the UK as well as here in his native Derbyshire where he works from his home studio in Swanwick. His most recent successes were being selected to exhibit in the prestigious Harley Gallery Open and ING Discerning Eye exhibitions 2020.
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Martin Davis
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Martin Davis

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