Fantasy Junction

The title suggests the landscape is imaginary but it isn’t, it is a desert scene from the Namib in Africa which I used as a surreal backdrop for the allegory of a man stumbling his way through an alien landscape – similar in a way to the way we are all now having to navigate our way through this pandemic in our daily lives. The composition has been cropped so that the only view of the sky is in its reflection in a desert pool further enhancing the unsettling features of this stark landscape.

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Artist inspiration...

We asked Martin to explain his inspiration for the piece, here's what he had to say;

Inspiration often comes to me from the written word. In this case I had the phrase Fantasy Junction running around in my head for quite a few years before I could match it up to a suitable image (it was a colloquialism for an area in the city I was working in at the time).
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Fantasy Junction

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