Paul Freeman

March 1, 2021

Clear Water by Paul Freeman

50cm x 62.5cm Acrylic

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A little piece of fantasy. I saw some pictures from the Isle of Bara and it made me long to go to see it. From close to Godrevy lighthouse you can gaze towards St Ives. The water on a still day looks shallow at low tide and clear so clear. I thought about Hockney’s endless experiments to render swimming pool water in California. So an expanse of water painted with miles of rigger work over glaze upon glaze to of acrylic paint. A “happy painting” I hope.

I did not start in art in the normal way, having decided back in school that I perhaps had some ability but not a special talent. Instead becoming a hairdresser. Hairdressing for many years was not just what I did, but who I was. When I first picked up a paint brush after nearly 45 years it felt good, in fact very good!

Working with hair helped to develop a feel for style, colour, form and aesthetics, so I felt sure I could, and would, be able to paint well. So, what could possibly go wrong? With a lot of work, dedication and more than just a touch of obsession it has gone pretty well to date. My landscapes are built from earth, water, air, weather, shadow and light.

Combined with strokes, marks, glazes, scratches and scrapes in a wide array of fine art materials, hopefully representative and recognizable but not constrained by detail. When all comes together there is a sense of space and place in a moment in time.

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