Jessica Rollitt

Lino Print
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I am a lino print maker, living in the south of Sheffield with my husband and two small humans. I often stop short of calling myself an artist, but am becoming more comfortable with the idea that what I make is art and therefore I probably am! I started lino printing about 6 years ago, but got back in the swing of it properly this year after a few years hiatus (see above re. small humans!). The lino printing process really appeals to the practical side of my brain, the physical carving of the lino I find very therapeutic, and the printing process always holds a few surprises. My prints are largely of British wildlife, and I enjoy the challenge of capturing the texture of fur and feathers. I am currently working on a series of garden and woodland bird prints. When I’m not lino printing, I sing in a women’s barbershop/acapella chorus -Steel City Voices - and I enjoy a spot of wild swimming.
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Jessica Rollitt
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Jessica Rollitt

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