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Doug Jackson

Ink, Watercolour
This artist is open to commissions.
I have always been fascinated with the edges of landscapes, where one space collides with another. I grew up in Whitby, which lies on the boundary between moors and sea. Sheffield, my home now, has many layers to explore as its history is directly tied to every river and every valley that feeds it. In the borderlands between the city and the wilds surrounding it, there is so much industrial heritage slowly being absorbed into the surrounding woods and park lands. I find these spaces fascinating. Sitting and studying an old bridge, its alignment in the landscape, and the age of the stonework is often as enjoyable as the act of creating art. As a professional commercial photographer, I usually work to a client’s brief and my previous career as an industrial designer was equally constrained. My art provides me with a sense of playful freedom and I strongly believe that, as adults, we sometimes forget the power play has to benefit our overall wellbeing. I create work quickly and sketching allows me to work with flexibility and speed. I find the ‘minimal’ captivating. A simple set of lines and a splash of colour can be so expressive.
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Doug Jackson
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Doug Jackson

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