View from the Ampitheatre

My inspiration was Sheffield as a whole, it's my home and the view from the Amphitheatre is one of my favourite views, I love that you can see all of town. I walked up there a lot over the pandemic and lockdowns and it gave me a sense of peace and gave me a reason to get out of the house.

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About the artist

I am a freelance Illustrator and Animator, specialising in character design and watercolour paintings. I enjoy taking on lots of projects and want to take on more - I like things that allow me to learn new skills and push boundaries. I am currently working on illustrations for my own shop but also take commissions. I have designed characters for script treatments, created tattoo designs, and personalised portraits. I am inspired by the world around me, as a member of the LGBTQ+ community I oen draw images related to supporting this. I enjoy expressing love in all forms, and drawing animals and nature. Recently, I started creating designs for buildings and views around my home City, Sheffeld.

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Chloe Longden

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