Park Hill Octopus

One of my favourite ways to illustrate is to draw on top of existing photos, creating scenes where stylized, vector subjects interact with the real world surroundings (I believe this stems from watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit too much as a child!). This is the first of a series of iconic Sheffield landmark prints. An unexpected visitor finds its way onto a familiar Sheffield landmark... A3 Print, High Quality Stock, Printed Locally

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About the artist

Grifff is an artist and designer based in Sheffield. Always drawing from a very early age, he entered the art world through his blackboard and sign writing, which garnished the walls and windows of some of the best loved pubs, bars and restaurants in Sheffield. Now working as a full time illustrator, Grifff delivers branding and creative to many international brands such as Red Bull and Heineken, as well as independent Yorkshire businesses. In his personal work, Grifff has a tendency to incorporate the environments of Sheffield and the surrounding areas where he grew up. Lunch On Mam Tor is his second in the series, larger than (wild) life, depicting gargantuan animals creeping up in familiar Sheffield locations, which started with the Park Hill Octopus on Park Hill Flats.

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