Meersbrook Shops

During lockdown I was cycling around Sheffield realising that I’d not be able to visit Derbyshire to look for quaint subjects when I realised what interesting scenes were right in front of me. I started to capture street scenes just as they were. The places we don’t normally stop to look at but that have fascinating small details in them. This row of shops says a lot about the city.

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About the artist

Linzi started drawing again during lockdown aer a break of over 20 years. She is rediscovering what interests her, having had more time to look around the local area. Her detailed urban scapes capture ordinary parts of Sheeld exactly as they are today. So far this year, Linzi has created intricate drawings of many seemingly ordinary Sheeld scenes - each effortlessly captures the essence of living in this wonderful city. From Heeley Baths, to a row of terraced houses and, of course, shops in Meersbrook, you could be forgiven for thinking you were being whisked away in a very perfectly ‘Sheffeld’ story book.

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