Welcome to The Art Post Interview and Doodle Duo - a series of interviews with Sheffield artists created with Sheffield parents in mind - to inspire their children to pop down their iPads, and pick up a paintbrush. During each interview, we ask the artists about their inspiration, dream projects, favourite pieces of work - and to "do us a doodle." At the end of 2021, we hope to make one mega doodle to auction for a group of incredible local charities, from Roundabout, to RSPCA Sheffield, and the Cathedral Archer Project.

Cat Regi
Today we meet the incredible Cat Regi, an artist from London, who now resides in Sheffield near the peak district. Her playful watercolours depict what Sheffiled probably looks like to a toddler - taking in the colours, lines and sounds with an overwhelming sense of awe. Her work is the nectar of day dreams, and we can't wait to see what she creates next.
Dave Akehurst
Welcome to the very first Art Spot podcast - the interview + doodle duo that is going to help us get acquainted with the talented creatives on our doorstep. The premise is simple: we ask a local artist to answer 11 questions, and to "do us a doodle." Today we meet the wonderful Dave Akehurst, a painter from Sheffield, who's dreamy acrylic canvas' convey Sheffield's radiance and warmth with blissful ease. Listen to Dave's interview, and check out his podcast doodle and artwork below.
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