Inspiration for your Art Post postcards...

You're subscribing, or thinking of subscribing to The Art Post - but what do you do with all your fabulous art on postcards once you've started receiving them? We hope these top tips will give you some fabulous postcard inspiration.

1. Send a message of gratitude

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” – Anon

Gratitude is the human way of acknowledging the good things of life. Gratitude is defined as a positive emotional response that we perceive on giving or receiving a benefit from someone (Emmons & McCullough, 2004).

Gratitude has amazing benefits on the mind, and it has a powerful impact on the receiver. Take the time to write a message of thanks on one, or even all, of your Art Post postcards each month. Send it to a friend, pop it in a gratitude scrapbook, pin it to the fridge for your better half.

2. Create interchangeable wall art

Pin 'em up, frame them, add them to wire notice boards, peg them on string - the world's your oyster! You'll have your own miniature Sheffield art gallery up and running in no time.

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3. Save them for birthdays

The Art Post is not only a wonderful way to find art, but also a fab way to save up alternative birthday cards to send on to family and friends. As the postcards are miniature art masterpieces, your friend not only gets an incredible birthday card from a local artist, but also a print they can display too.

4. Create a coffee table art gallery

Pop the postcards in a box, bowl or basket on a table. Family and friends can shuffle through them and get to know new artists from the local area, and get a glimpse of the wonderful artistic talent on the doorstep.

5. Find original art for your home

All of our Art Posts come with a Meet the Artists booklet, this is a great way to find talented local artists who have some incredible original pieces for sale. From acrylic to spray paint, pastels and charcoal, we feature artists who work across an array of mediums, with styles to suit everyone.

6. Write your favourite recipes on the postcards

Create a favourite recipe postcard box with all your favourite dishes and a simple how-to. You could even send these recipes to family and friends as little every-day gifts throughout the month!


How you use your postcards is entirely up to you! Show us how you use your postcards, and we will add you to the list if we love your ideas! Every couple of months, we're going to give away prints from incredible local artists for those who share the best postcard inspiration. Make sure to tag us @_theartpost, and hashtag #artpostinspo.

We CAN'T WAIT to see your incredible ideas!

Rach xxx

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